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BWCP 3/26/22

Step1:  Category Chosen–> Place and “coming from”: How does the question “Where are you from?” factor into your experiences as a writing center consultant, a student, and/or a professional-in-training? Why? = Well, because you learn a lot of information in your journey through life. And that information gets integrated into our handling of social communicationsContinue reading “BWCP 3/26/22”

BWCP 4/12/22

Prep A activity: Readings I chose from: Relating Our Experiences: The Practice of Positionality Stories in Student-Centered Pedagogy Click to access Cedillo-and-Bratta_Relating-Our-Experiences-PUBLISHED.pdf 2. “I Can’t Do Cartwheels, So I Write”: Students’ Writing Affect What’s this/these text(s) about? (e.g., topic/issue(s) addressed) These texts are all about understanding the background of each client in order to understandContinue reading “BWCP 4/12/22”

Cohort 2/28

Step 1: What stands out to you as important in the analysis? (e.g., Consultant-analyst’s tone, thorough discussion or specific examples, willingness to take their analysis seriously, etc.) Write notes in your WP blog and prepare to explain.  Analysis of general readability, and how the writer gathers information from multiple consultants and the benefits of that.Continue reading “Cohort 2/28”

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